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SHOW CHOIR REGISTRATION FOR MUSIC FEAST 2016 IS OPEN! Visit our Music Feast page for more details, or jump right to the online application form.


MUSIC FEAST VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please consider signing up to help fill our volunteer needs. More details are provided on our Music Feast page.


News and Upcoming Events:


 Oct. 6 Bingo N, Men’s ADA
 Oct. 8  OMEA Band Competition  Norton, OH
  Oct. 10  Music Booster Meeting  Media Center
 Oct. 13 Bingo N, Men’s ADA
 Oct. 15  OMEA Band Competition  OSU Stadium
 Oct. 22 OMEA Band Competition  Carrell, OH
 Oct.27  Bingo N, Men’s, ADA

39th Annual Music Feast

Ad Sales and Trophy Sponsorships

Members of the local business community, we need and appreciate your faithful support of our Ad Sales and Trophy Sponsorships. Your advertisement/sponsorship gets your name out and supports the event! For more information, please refer to our Advertising Letter and  Reply Form.


2016-2017 BULLDOG CARDS ON SALE Members of the local business community, we need and appreciate your faithful support of our Ad Sales and Trophy Sponsorships. Your advertisement/sponsorship gets your name out and supports the event! For more information, please refer to our Advertising Letter and  Reply Form.NOW!

The brand new 2016-2017 Bulldog Cards have just arrived and are on sale now! These cards make good gifts and are available through all Ada music students or online. Read more about them on our Bulldog Card Page.


Anyone planning to transport students for school-related functions (including band/choir/winter guard activities) or pull the Music Booster trailer in the 2016-2017 school year are required to complete a volunteer driver release form. The form is accessible from our Electronic Resources page.


The Music Boosters recently held nominations and elected new officers for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Congratulations to our new officers! Contact information for our new officers can be found on our Contact Info page.

 President Shane Wright
 VP – Communications, Publicity, & Marketing Arlene Allison and Amy Spar
 VP – Fundraising Amy Morgan and Arlene Allison
 VP – Parent Involvement & Activities Beth Milks and Shelly Hopson
 Secretary Cindy Boehm
 Treasurer Dave Smittle
 Assistant Treasurer Amy Morgan
Bingo Volunteer Coordinator** Kelly Wright
SCRIP Coordinator** Kim Smittle

** Volunteer / Appointed


Kroger Community Rewards is a program that rewards the Ada Music Boosters for purchases that registrants make at Kroger using their Kroger Plus Card! Registrants already know that by shopping at Kroger and using their Kroger Plus card, Kroger makes quarterly payments to the Ada Music Boosters. Registrations do expire in the spring, so it is important to check your receipt to see if your purchases are still going to help the Music Boosters. Thank you to everyone that has participated in this program! If your registration has expired, please re-enroll following the instructions posted on our Kroger re-enrollment page. Instructions for first-time enrollments are also provided.


Did you ever wonder what the school fees pay for and what the Music Booster fees pay for? We have created a special page to show the fee breakdown for the various programs. See our Explanation of Fees page (it is located under the Electronic Resources menu).


Ada Bingo continues to be a favorite Thursday night event for many Ada residents. If you haven’t been out, come try it! We could also use more workers (earn credits for your music student). Visit our Bingo information page for details!


If you are interested in making a donation or becoming a booster member, we gratefully welcome your support! Your donation and/or fundraising purchase definitely helps to provide exceptional opportunities for all students involved in vocal and instrumental music at Ada Schools. Visit our Patron Support Page for more information.



The Ada Music Boosters use Legacy Financial for the billing and collection of program fees for students of the music programs (Including Varsity Singers, marching band, and winter guard fees, plus things like camp fees, spirit packs, spirit wear, travel expenses, ticket purchases, etc.). Details are provided in this introductory information letter


       Support Opportunities:

We now have the following sales going on and appreciate your support of our programs…

Bulldog Cards – discounts for you at local merchants

Static Window Clings – support the Bulldogs and your student!

SCRIP cards – gift cards that pay dividends to the Ada Music Boosters

UPC codes from Our Family brand of products (sold at Community Markets)

Tyson Chicken A+ points – credits paid to the Ada Music Boosters

Chief Supermarkets sales receipts – credits paid to the Ada Music Boosters

Kroger Community Rewards program – credits paid to the Ada Music Boosters

Gordon Foods – credits paid to the Ada Music Boosters

Padrones Pizza  – special nights where members of the community dine in and when our special coupon is presented, we earn 20% of the sales! (no dates currently planned)

Become a Booster!

We are always looking for more parents of music students and members of the community to get involved. Even if you don’t have much time to commit, there are ways you can help. Please attend our Booster meetings to find out more.

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The boosters are A Non-Profit, Charitable, Volunteer-Driven Organization which Supports Excellence in Music Education and Performance Opportunities for All Students of The Ada Exempted Village Schools.