Common Questions


What are the Ada Music Boosters?
The boosters are a non-profit, charitable, volunteer-driven organization that supports excellence in music education and performance opportunities for all students of the Ada Exempted Village Schools. Our constitution and by-laws can be found HERE.
How do the boosters support the music programs?
The boosters provide funding and volunteers to enhance the music programs. The generous support of the Ada community allows the boosters to purchase costumes, music, props, and equipment for the Varsity Singers, marching band, and winter guard programs. Additionally, the boosters raise funds for those long-term investments that are purchased infrequently, such as new uniforms/costumes and a trailer for hauling equipment to the various performances and competitions. We have also established a Varsity Singers Alumni Scholarship Fund to provide financial support to students in need assistance to be part of the show choir. Finally, booster volunteers pull the equipment trailer, chaperone events, build props, raise funds, provide meals to the band at football games, and support Music Feast operations. The boosters strive to provide performance opportunities for Ada’s music students that would not be possible otherwise.
Do the booster members or officers get paid?
No. The boosters rely exclusively on volunteers.
How do I become a booster?
Any adult residents of the Ada School District, or parents of open-enrolled students, may become a booster member by joining via our annual Patron Contribution Drive (at any level of recognition) or by paying Booster annual dues, which are $5 per year per individual. If you would like to get more involved, simply express your interest by volunteering or attend booster meetings. Although we encourage you to attend meetings, It is not required.
When and where are the booster meetings?
The boosters meet on the second Tuesday of every month, including the summer. During the school year, the boosters meet in the Media Center of Ada High School. In the summer, the boosters meet at the 4-H shelter house at the Ada Park. Meetings start at 6:30 pm, except for the June meeting (officer nominations and elections).
Why should I attend booster meetings?
Booster meetings are the best way to learn about upcoming events, volunteering opportunities, and aspects of the music programs that may impact your Ada Schools music student(s).
Do the band or choir get paid for performing or participating in competitions?
Generally, no. Our groups and directors do not receive compensation for performing or competing, although on some occasions, another non-profit or other entity may pay for the band to march in a parade or the choir or ensemble to perform at an event.
What is Varsity Singers?
Varsity Singers is the show choir from Ada High School, which consists of singer-dancers, combo band, and stage crew. This is different than the high school choir. The Varsity Singers participate in regional show choir competitions. Varsity Singers members are selected through an audition process.
What is winter guard?
Winter guard is an indoor competition team whose performances involve a choreographed dance routine and tossing of flags, sabers, and/or rifles. Click HERE to watch the Ada HS  Scholastic winter guard perform their 2016-17 show “Memories”.   Winter Guard International (WGI), Ohio Indoor Performance Association (OIPA), and Mid-East Performance Association (MEPA) advocate and sanction many winter guard events. More information can be found at
Where do the band, choir, and winter guard groups perform and compete?
The concert bands and choirs perform in the school auditorium at various times throughout the year (including a holiday concert and spring concert). The Ada HS Marching band and Varsity Singers perform every year at the Hardin County Fair (as part of the Hardin County Marching Band and Hardin County Swing Choir Shows, respectively). The marching band, show choir, and winter guard groups also compete regionally, but most competitions are in Ohio. The marching band travels to Indianapolis every November to compete in Bands of America Grand Nationals. The winter guard group typically travels to the WGI state, regional, and world championships, which are annual events in Wapakoneta, Indianapolis, and Dayton, respectively.
I want to go to a competition. Where can I get information?
Event information is posted to the events calendar . Performance times are commonly posted to our Facebook page.
How do I contact the boosters?
Send an email to, or fill out our officer contact form.
What if I want to help but don’t have time to attend meetings?
No problem! You do not need to attend meetings to help. We can use volunteers to help prepare and serve meals to the band during football games and summer camps, pull the equipment trailer, work Music Feast, sit at the booster table during open house and community events, or chair fundraisers.
I’m thinking about being a booster officer. What do I need to know?
We are always looking for people willing to serve as an officer. A summary of the elected offices can be found in our by-laws. Booster officers are all volunteers and have very busy lives, so we understand that not everyone can attend every meeting or every event.
Why are there so many fundraisers?
The Music Boosters provide substantial enhancements to the music programs and therefore endeavor to raise enough funds to sustain them. There is a balance between participation fees and fundraisers, so fewer fundraisers would likely result in higher fees and/or fewer program enhancements. Additionally, our fundraisers enjoy various levels of success, which is partially dependent upon student/parent participation. The more successful they are, the fewer we need.
I am tired of the fundraisers. Can I donate instead?
The boosters know that people tire of fundraisers – particularly those that involve selling food products. We gratefully accept donations in lieu of a purchase, so this may be a more appealing option for you. Donations are now accepted online. All donations are greatly appreciated!
I heard there is a student account for every music student. How does that work?
Student accounts are designed to help families reduce the costs of participating in the music programs, including band, Varsity Singers, and winter guard and/or travel related to each. Each music student has an account that is maintained by the boosters. There are various opportunities to earn credits for your student. Credits can be earned by selling items during fundraisers. Larger credits are available for working bingo or Music Feast and tend to accumulate faster than fundraisers alone. A student account policy is available via the webpage. Credits are applied periodically, but not after every event. Many parents and students choose to use their account credits to help pay for trip costs (New York City, Disney World, etc.). As a registered non-profit organization, IRS rules prohibit the boosters from distributing student account funds for the purpose of spending money or “cashing out.”
How can I know the balance in my student’s account?
This information is available by contacting our treasurer, Crystal Huffer, at
I want to use credits in my student’s account for program-related fees or group travel. Who should I contact? 
Contact a director.
I am a business owner and would like to support the boosters. What are my options?
There are several ways to support the boosters. Donations can be made online. Donations can be allocated toward specific funds, if desired, including the trailer replacement fund, uniform replacement fund, or VS alumni scholarship fund. It is also possible to donate to the general fund. You can also sponsor Music Feast trophies, or purchase advertising space in our Music Feast souvenir program. Please contact our treasurer Crystal Huffer, at for more information.